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  1. BamBam added a topic in Steam News   

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update Released (5.08.2016)
    – Weapon recoil now resets on reload
    – Players should no longer accidentally run into server DOS protections.
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  2. BamBam added a topic in Steam News   

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update Released (3.08.2016)
    – New accuracy recovery method and new recovery rates for the M4A1-S, M4A4, and AK-47. See details HERE.
    – Increased fidelity of firing sounds for P250, Five-Seven, Tec-9, CZ75-Auto, and Dual Berettas.
    – Added unique reload and distant sounds for P250, Five-Seven, Tec-9, and Dual Berettas.
    – Added defusekit player state to game state integration support.
    – cl_weapon_debug_print_accuracy 2 is now a tab delimited formatted output of information.
    – Fix a bug that rarely caused a player to be on the wrong team in competitive mode.
    – Fix a bug that allowed players to spawn in unexpected (invalid) locations on various maps.
    – Added logic to prevent airstalling (where a player appears to float in midair by disrupting their network stream).
    – Added sv_clamp_unsafe_velocities convar (default: 1) that community servers can disable to support surfing, etc.
    – Misc security improvements.
    – Modified report and commend GC logic to clearly signal failure in the case of spoofed reports.
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  3. BamBam added a topic in Steam News   

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update Released (27.07.2016)
    – Radar is no longer hidden when win panel comes up.
    – Shipping changes to how some UI elements are implemented in preparation for a move to Panorama UI. This should have no noticeable change in UI functionality, but is the first step in moving to the new system.
    — Please report any UI regressions to and include #UIFeedback in the subject heading.
    – Increased fidelity of firing sounds for P90, MP7 and MP9
    – Added unique reload and draw sounds for P90, MP7 and MP9
    – Slightly reduced volume of firing for recently changed weapon sounds
    – Made headphones the default sound option instead of two-speaker. (If playing with headphones or sound cards with virtual 5.1/7.1 enabled, make sure 5.1 is selected in the CSGO audio settings menu instead.)
    – Networked viewangle precision to other players is now lossless.
    – Updated the autobuy and rebuy scripts to support 2x flashbangs and reordered the purchasing order (in case of insufficient funds.)
    – Added tracers to alt fire on Aug, Sg, Glock, and Famas.
    – Set all shotguns except XM to semi-auto.
    – AWP and SSG08 now also drop magazines
    – (Thanks, SlothSquadron)
    – Fixed a server crash (Thanks, Gamemann, for the report)
    – Fixed bug where non-Latin characters could not be stored in config files.
    – Fixed bug where demoui, console, and other controls wouldn’t show an ‘X’ to close the window.
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  4. BamBam added a topic in Steam News   

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update Released (15.07.2016)
    [ Operation Wildfire ]
    – Operation Wildfire has come to a close.
    – The Operation Wildfire case is available for all players.
    [ Misc ]
    – Added ESL One Cologne 2016 tournament finalists and champions to the Major Trophy.
    [ Sound ]
    – Increased fidelity for Bizon, Mac10 and UMP45 weapons.
    – Unique reload and draw sounds for Bizon, Mac10 and UMP45 weapons.
    – New sound for C4 disarm start and disarm finish, more in line with C4 plant sounds.
    – New sound for empty magazine impacting with ground.
    – Lowered volume of low ammo sound and added unique sound.
    – Lowered volume of smoke grenade tail.
    [ Maps ]
    – Cache
    — Added graffiti to commemorate ESL One Cologne 2016.
    [ Mac/Linux ]
    – Fixed maps that use Squirrel scripting, including the Weapons Course map.
    – Fixed a Linux memory leak.
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  5. BamBam added a topic in Steam News   

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update Released (28.06.2016)
    [COLOGNE 2016]
    – Shipped in-game assets that are unlocked via the Series 2 Collectible Pins that will be available to attendees of ESL One Cologne 2016.
    – Added new option “Fetch Event Data” to logic_eventlistener entity. If set, a new “event_data” field will be created in the eventlistener’s ScriptScope containing information about the event.
    – Resurrected the convar mp_spec_swapplayersides.
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  6. BamBam added a topic in Steam News   

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update Released (24.06.2016)
    [COLOGNE 2016]
    – Added team stickers, player autographs, Pick’Em and Fantasy Games for Cologne 2016 CS:GO Major Championship.
    – Added support for Cologne 2016 game authentication codes to allow third-party websites and applications to manage your Cologne 2016 Pick’Em and Fantasy Games without running the actual game client.
    — For more information on game authentication codes, visit:
    – Community GOTV relays will now reliably sign in to Steam and CS:GO backend when launched straight with +tv_advertise_watchable 1 +tv_relay addr:port.
    – GOTV relays will now correctly communicate their statistics about connected proxies and clients upstream and downstream.
    – Added convars commonly used in GOTV relay chains to common dictionary encoding.
    – Added sounds for players joining and leaving party lobbies.
    – Upgraded sound fidelity for Nova, Sawed Off, and XM1014 shotguns.
    – Molotov:
    — Fixed a bug where an in-hand fire sound would persist when a player was killed while holding a primed Molotov.
    — Upgraded sound fidelity for Molotov priming sound.
    — Reduced volume of in-hand fire sound for a primed Molotov
    – Added convar cl_spec_swapplayersides to flip display of competitive HUD to match teams seating on stage.
    – Spectator UI – Player panel now tints yellow or blue based on the team of the person you are spectating.
    – Fixed broken flex data in studiomdl
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  7. BamBam added a topic in Steam News   

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update Released (16.06.2016)
    – Lowered volume level of first-person nearly empty clip sound to match its volume level falloff in the environment.
    – Fixed a regression in Nova and Sawed Off reloading sounds.
    – Added video option (default on) for frame rate smoothing. Frame rate smoothing significantly reduces hitching and stuttering, but at the expense of reducing overall frame rate.
    – Significantly reduced input latency.
    – Added audio option “Play Audio When Game in Background” to match behavior on Windows and Linux.
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  8. BamBam added a topic in Steam News   

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update Released (15.06.2016)
    – Added new Gamma weapon case featuring 17 community-created weapon finishes and all-new knife finishes.
    – Operation Wildfire Access Pass is no longer available for purchase.
    – New CS:GO players will get a significant earned XP boost multiplier in Recruit and Private Ranks.
    – Competitive matchmaking for new CS:GO players is now unlocked sooner, as soon as they rank up from Recruit to Private Rank 2.
    – CS:GO accounts will be Prime if they have verified their phone number and achieved at least Lieutenant Rank 21 or have earned a Service Medal.
    – Prime accounts can now select to search only for other prime accounts in competitive matchmaking.
    – When matchmaking with a party lobby, all party members must be Prime to have the Prime-only option available.
    – New sound cue for shooting with low ammo.
    – Upgraded sound fidelity, reduced distortion for Mag7, M249, Negev.
    – New smoke sound to reduce interference with bomb defuse sound.
    – New sound for text chat messages in party lobby.
    – In classic game modes any money earned by a player mid-round will no longer be available for spending during the same round (i.e., SMG purchases are no longer possible during competitive pistol rounds).
    – Suicide or disconnect compensation will no longer be awarded in warmup or during freezetime period.
    – When controlling the bot and surviving round running out of time, the controlling player is now eligible to receive end of round money.
    – Removed a legacy 2.5 seconds spawn grace period for players who reconnect to the round after freezetime is over.
    – Increased upper limit on possible mp_halftime_duration values to 5 minutes.
    – Added server convar sv_spec_post_death_additional_time that allows adding a delay for spectators between the death of a spec target and the switch to a new target.
    – The convar sv_alltalk has been replaced with sv_talk_enemy_dead and sv_talk_enemy_living.
    – Classic Casual now defaults to team-restrict communication for living players.
    – Fixed appearance of fonts in the community browser and console.
    – Fixed some bugs with setting fullscreen resolution.
    – Set all Mac players to use Raw Mouse Input by default since this is a better experience for most players. Players can manually revert to not using raw mouse input if that is what they prefer
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  9. BamBam added a topic in Steam News   

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update Released (9.06.2016)
    – Replaced the penalty for the suicide or disconnection of a player. Instead of the elimination of round-end income, a living enemy player now receives compensation equal to the missed kill reward opportunity.
    – On Valve official servers, the current map will be excluded from the vote options at the end of a match.
    – Modified behavior of mp_endmatch_votenextmap_keepcurrent (default 1). When set to 0, the current map will be excluded from the end of match map vote panel.
    – Full player hitboxes are now used by “cl_weapon_debug_show_accuracy 2” so that the circle appears closer to the target in 3D space.
    – Fixed coin journal not being accessible from inventory UI.
    – Made it so “Fullscreen” sets an exclusive fullscreen mode and “Windowed Fullscreen” sets a non-exclusive fullscreen mode. Exclusive fullscreen mode allows for potentially higher performance while making switching back to the desktop slower.
    – Added the concommand spec_player_by_accountid that switches observer target to the player with SteamID64 passed as argument.
    – Added the convar spec_lock_to_accountid which, when set, will lock the observer target to the specified SteamID64 player. The lock can be set regardless of whether or not the player is currently connected.
    -Added stairs up to B site platform, giving CTs additional options for defending the site
    -Updated trees with more accurate collision model
    -Fixed rendering error on wall hole model used near bombsite A
    -Fixed various bugs (Thanks contributors!)
    -Improved visibility from underpass to A site
    -Fixed pixelwalk in CT spawn
    -Fixed some small seethrough gaps in bombsite A
    -Fixed small seethrough gap from Short to Mid
    -Fixed grenadecollision on van in bombsite B
    -Van now plays proper surface sounds when walking on it
    -Stairs in palace and B apartments will now play correct surface sounds
    -Fixed potential rendering error on wall hole model used in CT sniper position
    -Fixed various bugs (Thanks contributors!)
    -Minor bug fixes
    – Added ladder to bombsite B target
    – Top of bombsite B target now opaque
    – Added short crate stack to CT outside
    – Misc clip fixes
    – Improved vcollide on plastic bins
    – Fixed spot at CT spawn where weapons could be lost
    Collision model update:
    -Added more accurate collision model for bombsite models used in Mirage, Inferno, Cache.
    -Added more accurate collision model for barrels used in Overpass B site.
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  10. BamBam added a topic in Steam News   

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update Released (31.05.2016)
    – Added the CS:GO Collectible Pins Series 1 capsule offer that can be purchased in-game.
    – As of June 1st, Series 1 Genuine Collectible Pins will be available at
    – Default spec_freeze_time reduced from 5.0 to 3.0.
    – Added fade and blur to deathcam (when mp_forcecamera 1).
    – Fade and blur in deathcam are more aggressive when killed with a headshot (when mp_forcecamera 1).
    – Improved spectating cameras for de_cache.
    – Improved spectating cameras for de_nuke.
    – Added convars cl_spec_use_tournament_content_standards and sv_spec_use_tournament_content_standards that allow the client and/or server to prefer official pro player names when available and omit weapon tags for spectators.
    – The ‘swap item’ crosshair hint will display the weapon’s original name even if the weapon has been renamed with a name tag.
    – Introducing Authentication Codes that allow users to grant to third-party websites and applications access to their Pick’Em and Fantasy games during CS:GO Major Championships.
    — Documentation for websites and application developers is available:
    — Authentication Codes management for users is available:
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  11. BamBam added a topic in Steam News   

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update Released (25.05.2016)
    [OS X and LINUX]
    – OS X and Linux now use 64-bit game clients. This fixes numerous long standing random crashes specific to those platforms.
    – Please report bugs specific to OS X and Linux here:
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  12. BamBam added a topic in Steam News   

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update Released (19.05.2016)
    – Blood decals on player models will now reliably display for players and spectators in-game.
    – Buy menu calculation of the Accurate Range of weapons will now show same values as obtained with cl_weapon_debug_show_accuracy and cl_weapon_debug_print_accuracy, gameplay has not changed.
    – Steam controller now properly adjusts when scoped respecting zoom_sensitivity_ratio_joystick value.
    – Major championship trophy animation will now show more rows of etched names when inspected.
    – Accounts that get a global cooldown for GSLT violation will no longer make their party members from previous competitive matches lose match wins earned together.
    — Forklift
    — with
    — roof
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  13. BamBam added a file in CSS Maps   

    cs_office_unlimited_fixed v1.0.0
    This is the best office map available for CSS. great fun
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  14. BamBam added a file in CSS Maps   

    de_losttemple_pro v1.0.0
    This is a great map to play, many an hour of fun
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  15. BamBam added a topic in Steam News   

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update Release (4.05.2016)
    – Fixed possible remote code execution bug in KeyValues parsing. Thanks to xPaw for finding and reporting the issue!
    – Fixed a bug allowing community servers to override certain game files.
    – Added support in vbsp for clip brush textures with different material types.
    – Added CS:GO in-game blog localization for Finnish.
    – Significantly reduced holiday cheer.
    – Added convars cl_weapon_debug_show_accuracy and cl_weapon_debug_show_accuracy_duration
    — With “cl_weapon_debug_show_accuracy 1,” when a shot is fired, a 12 inch circle will be drawn at the Effective Range of the weapon, i.e, the farthest distance at which the shot is guaranteed to fall within a 12 inch circle.
    — With “cl_weapon_debug_show_accuracy 2,” when a shot is fired, a circle will be drawn at the surface that is aimed at showing the area that could have been hit by the bullet given its inaccuracy.
    — cl_weapon_debug_show_accuracy_duration ( default 10 ) determines how long the debug circles last.
    — The further the shot is into the spray sequence, the more red the circle will be.
    – Increased radius of c4 disarm sound
    – Fixed some cases where alt-tabbing away and back to the game would cause incorrect sounds to play
    — Visibility improvements based on color-blind player feedback
    — Texture improvements
    — New vent models
    — Added subtle markers for grenade throws (thanks James Bardolph)
    — Added plant-zone decals to Bombsite B
    — Added graphic for “Sun-room” (thanks Thurnip)
    — Fixed fade distance on crate in checkers
    — Fixed weapons being irretrievable under vent
    — Fixed all known bomb-stuck spots
    — Fixed an exploit involving flashbangs from mid into checkers
    — Fixed pixelwalks at mid, T-Spawn, A main, A site
    — Improved .nav mesh (thanks p_NM)
    — Improved accuracy of grenade clips on metal containers
    — Clip brushes now play the correct material type footstep sound
    — Performance optimizations
    — Removed crate stack from CT side
    — Removed railings outside HUT
    — Removed railings at top of Heaven ladder
    — Lowered ambient soundscape volumes
    — Door opening and closing predictability fixed
    — Improved .nav mesh (thanks Bez)
    — Fixed +use interaction through tool or clip brushes
    — Fixed double doors being blocked by their sibling door being blocked by the player
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  16. BamBam added a topic in Steam News   

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update Release (29.04.2016)
    [ UI ]
    Fixed a rare issue when scraping a sticker on a weapon could also scrape a sticker on a different weapon.
    [ VAC ]
    CS:GO VAC Bans and CS:GO Game Bans will be applied to all accounts that share the same phone number. See VAC FAQ ( for more details.
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  17. BamBam added a topic in Steam News   

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update Release (27.04.2016)
    – Added the Chroma 3 Case.
    – In-game blog is now displayed using the language of game UI when possible.
    – Fixed rounding errors in timing for molotovs/incendiary grenades. They now deal exactly 40 DPS regardless of server tickrate.
    – Fixed community server crash relating to graphs and games that go into overtime.
    – Equip armor sounds are now slightly different for T and CT
    – Added official game servers in Chile.
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  18. BamBam added a topic in Steam News   

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update Released (21.04.2016)
    – Adjusted Spectator Graphs: Replaced HSP and economy stats with Enemies Flashed and Utility Damage.
    – Added main menu UI to register for a new beta.
    – Tulip
    — Various bug and exploit fixes
    – Mirage
    — Vandalism
    – Moved Nuke to the Active Duty map group.
    – Moved Inferno to the Reserves map group.
    – Updated a Wildfire mission (YOINK!) for the bonus condition to use Santorini instead of Nuke.
    – demoinfogo tool code is now available on GitHub and no longer ships as part of SDK.
    —, patches welcome.
    – demoinfogo includes a GitHub fix for PlayerInfo being retrieved with wrong Entity if players reconnect during the match demo (Thanks rchh!).
    – Changed default value for cvar sv_quota_stringcmdspersecond=16 to make community servers that don’t actively configure this setting run with a more conservative command rate limit.
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  19. BamBam added a topic in Steam News   

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update Release (25.03.2016)
    – Fixed a frequent client crash when loading a map with the game alt-tabbed.
    – Damage indicators now display relative to the correct player when watching GOTV/replay using caster camera control.
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  20. BamBam added a topic in Steam News   

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update Release (23.03.2016)
    – Fixed a bug where the map overview would move a dead player’s icon to the position of their spectator camera, showing a live player’s position (Thanks jubiii!)
    – Added a missing collection tag to Shadow Case.
    – This update includes a previously released patch for gameservers to deny setinfo calls for keys that weren’t configured at client connection time.
    – Added a convar sv_vote_count_spectator_votes that can be set to zero while enabling sv_vote_allow_spectators to initiate votes without casting an initial YES vote.
    – Grenades will no longer fall between cracks in Bombsite B
    – Added backface to door in upper park (Thanks Guardian!)
    – More accurate collision model on tree and rocks used in upper park
    – Updated loading screen image
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  21. BamBam added a topic in Steam News   

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update Release (18.03.2016)
    – Fixed main menu being shifted to the left.
    – Fixed model panel not clearing when exiting inventory while in the pause menu.
    – Fixed past tournaments having incorrect scroll state.
    – Wildfire campaign missions have a new HUD element to display your mission objectives and progress.
    – Fixed a Guardian mission crash.
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  22. BamBam added a topic in Steam News   

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update Release (17.03.2016)
    [MLG Columbus 2016]
    – Added MLG Columbus 2016 Team and Player Autograph Stickers, now available for purchase, with 50% of the proceeds from sticker sales going to the players and organizations.
    – Stickers can be used as game pieces in the Columbus 2016 Fantasy Team Game and Pick’Em Challenge.
    – Added festive chickens.
    – Updated phong shader to apply envmap albedo tint that matches phong albedo tint and intensity values.
    – r_drawclipbrushes 3 now shows grenadeclip brushes.
    – “ignoremsg” console command behavior should now match the UI feedback it gives.
    – Bots can now fire the revolver.
    – Fixed a rare animation bug that would cause bot skeletons to become misaligned in some cases if they spawned with AI disabled.
    – Improved grenade clips on door frames.
    – Improved bot navigation.
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  23. BamBam added a topic in Steam News   

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update Release (2.03.2016)
    – Updated lights.rad with new Nuke asset entries
    – Open vents no longer shield players from flashbangs
    – Added grenadeclips
    – Improved bot navigation
    – Removed ladder cage from T rooftop
    – Fixed vcollide on door frames
    – Fixed a number of spots where C4 could get lost
    – Fixed C4 and grenades falling through B floor frame
    – Fixed scissor gates blocking flashbangs
    – Fixed a few pixelwalks
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